85 rz500

Make Yamaha. Very rare Yamaha which was brought to the states in and been in same owner collection 29 years. Bike has been sitting some time, Bodywork is in Excellent shape with the excepetion of the upper where the mirrors connect to the fairing mount. Unfortunately a board fell on the it years ago and cracked the mount points.

Bike has been tastefully modified with FZR wheels, brakes and Performance pipes. Bike has not been started for years but was stored correctly in climate controlled room. I have lots of parts that go with the bike. The new R1S features much of the same technology built into the R1 and R1M but with minor changes that make it the bike of choice for canyon carvers and commuters.

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Informed Systems The IMU consists of a gyro sensor that measures pitch, roll, and yaw, as well as an accelerometer, or G-sensor, that measures acceleration in the fore-aft, up-down, and right-left directions all at a rate of calculations per second.

By calculating each signal, the IMU finds the precise vehicle position and movement, and communicates it to the ECU, enabling it to control the bike s systems.

The all-new R1S gives street riders an amazing level of rider-adaptive performance. Compact Exhaust System A midship exhaust system features a titanium muffler and is positioned low, in the middle of the chassis, for improved mass centralization. I recently purchased the bike this summer form Canada and rode it some with the intention of eventually restoring it. I realize I have to many other projects going on I've had an RZ in the garage now for about 7 years and not enough garage space, so I'm starting to sell off some of my bikes.

Everything on the bike works as it should such as horn, turn signals, lights, etc. The bike has a set of Nikon GP pipes on it and will come with stock pipes also. The bike will come with a spare rear wheel with a brand new tire on it. The bike will also come with some spare plastic in various states that will need repair work done on it. Would prefer to sell to someone that could come and pick up bike and bike is available for inspection.

May end auction at any time since bike is also being advertised on other venues. Model RZ Original RD up bike never been touched at all could be a project or mot it and ride it engine runs and sound perfect. No leaks anywhere. I had the bike on the road in after overhauling the carbs and balancing as was not running very well when I got it. A new owner needs little or no addition.

Request pictures. This is the rarer Japanese RZR version. Not a RZ steel frame version.

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The R version was made in much smaller numbers for the Japan market only.The reason? Nice to see an actual rider! If so, this is likely priced high given the discount bikes with repainted bodywork receive. But the sympathetic ownership is a big plus, considering what it would probably cost to put one in more original, but neglected condition right for actual riding.

There are some issues, but nothing major. The fit of the Chinese bodywork is less than ideal. Looks like the upper fairing mounts at the stay have had some repair work done.

The belly pan alignment is odd. Luck of the draw, it seems. All of that is pretty minor and easily rectified with the proper parts, although finding nice OEM bodywork can be a challenge. The upgrades and Bill Wilson engine more than make up for any minor shortcomings. The AM26 tires are a good choice. I have them on mine and they are vast improvement over the BT Overall, not a bad entry point if you are looking to get into the RZ game.

The engine, pipes, and carbs suggest this one will keep you smiling for many miles. Not surprising as they are difficult to find and quite expensive now. If it is, the Transport Canada label is now missing, as you might expect from a US owned bike. No mention of the engine number matching the VIN number. Do ask as it will affect value in future years as prices continue to climb.

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1985 Yamaha RZ500

Featured Listing: Air-cooled Ducati hot rod superbike! Yamaha October 19, posted by Tad Diemer. Tad Diemer.Yamaha fans around the world clamored for a light and powerful 2-stroke, and this RZ stands as one of the most collectible road-going motorcycles of the era.

Ongoing improvements to the engine and a strengthened aluminum Deltabox frame upped the V-4 ante and led to an epic Grand Prix battle between Yamaha team rider Kenny Roberts and an ultimately victorious Freddie Spencer on his V-3 Honda NS Yamaha swapped out the rotary disc intake for a reed valve setup forand ace rider Eddie Lawson rode the code 0W76 YZR factory racer to his first cc Grand Prix championship in what was only his second year on the team.

The road going RZ is powered by a liquid cooled twin crankshaft V-4 infused with race-proven Yamaha technology from the reed valve intakes and Autolube oil injection to the YPVS servo-driven variable valve exhaust.

Four individually tuned expansion chambers deliver maximum performance and signature quad exhaust sound from raspy idle to 10,plus RPM.

The lower pair exits normally, but the upper set crosses over each other for optimal tuned length and flush fit in the trick rear tail section. The single crankcase-mounted monoshock, alloy rear swingarm, anti-dive forks, disc brakes, close-ratio 6-speed cassette gearbox and tempestuous 2-stroke power delivered an unrivaled experience that still draws riders to the RZ more than 30 years later. Information found on the website is presented as advance information for the auction lot. The lot and information presented at auction on the auction block supersedes any previous descriptions or information.

Mecum is not responsible for information that may be changed or updated prior to the auction. The decision to purchase should be based solely on the buyers personal inspection of the lot at the auction site prior to the auction.

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85 rz500

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85 rz500

Full Screen. Las Vegas Auction Search. Reset Search.The Yamaha RZ motorcycle took an unusual route to high performance with an odd choice of engine. Unfortunately, the route didn't lead to the United States. In the early s, the marketing department at Yamaha sensed the need for an all-out performance machine. It had to be light in weight, look and behave like a Gran Prix racing bike, and be within budgetary guidelines.

Ready to Roll: 1985 Yamaha RZ500 for Sale

After several years of development, the Yamaha RZ shot out the Yamaha factory doors in In a brash deviation from the norm, the Yamaha RZ was powered by a cc "square" four-cylinder two-stroke with twin cranks and liquid cooling.

Somewhat more conventional was a chassis formed from square-section aluminum-alloy tubing. This choice of material allowed for superb stiffness matched with light weight. The RZ's extraordinary performance and handling were actually seen as detriments to the average rider, and sales of Yamaha's little pocket rocket were poor. Placed in the proper hands, the Yamaha RZ was a potent weapon on the track, but unfortunately a handful around town.

Furthermore, the two-stroke powerplant's failure to meet emissions regulations excluded the Yamaha RZ from the list of motorcycles available for sale in the United States, though several examples managed to find their way in anyhow.

The Yamaha RZ motorcycle featured a chassis formed from square-section aluminum-alloy tubing, allowing for superb stiffness and light weight. The Yamaha RZ 's wild twin-crank four-cylinder two-stroke was tame at low revs, but exploded to life as it neared its 10,rpm redline. See more motorcycle pictures.

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A six-speed gearbox allowed the rider to keep the peaky two-stroke within its narrow power range. The exhaust system's bulbous expansion chambers helped produce more power. An adjustable antidive mechanism on the forks was triggered by application of the front brakes. The Yamaha RZ loved to rev, as the 10,rpm redline attests. The speedometer is in kilometers per hour; the RZ was never officially sold in the U. Related Content " ".Some of them have been fromCanada, as they were officially imported there and some in theUS.

Lucky you, this one is located inTexasand comes with a title. This bike might not be a bone-stock example, but it does have some quality modifications that look to be well thought out and tastefully done as well as a host of maintenance done recently. At first glance I can see a set of Yoshimura pipes and a Showa front end. The seller lists all the recent maintenance done to the bike. This is a one in a million bike, lots of money recently spent servicing and refurbishing, very clean, pictures do not do justice to this jewel, well kept and maintained, adult owned, climatized garage kept.

I am the second owner, I have owned this bike sinceI bought it in Mexico with original kilometers, this is a Canadian model. You all better show me some serious love for this beautiful bike that has a number of upgrades aside numerous new parts.

As you can see this bike has had a life of luxury pampered to the max, I am an older rider who is very conservative and extremely careful with my bikes, clear Texas Title, questions, encouraged, feel free to call me visit auction to see phone number. Seems like a well put together bike that has had attention in all the right areas.

Prices of these have been climbing steadily and I have no reason to believe there is any end in sight to that. Bidding is already active, but the Reserve remains in place. You can check out the auction here and place you bid today! I have never heard of Yoshimura making 2 stroke exhausts-those look like the stock exhausts to me.

The forks are not Showa-those are stock forks-with even the Yamaha anti-dive system still evident. The Motor is high mile stock 2-stroke miles and agehe has done Nothing to it bone stock!!! No such thing as youshimura pipes it is just a sticker on stock pipes!!! Matter of fact he has a lot of stickers on it!!! Front forks are stock also once again a sticker!!! It does have a Cooling fan cut off switch such they all need!!! With the years and miles on it I would bet motor ,seals, and bearings will need attention soon to be safe!!!

1985 Yamaha Rz500 Motorcycles for sale

It is a 27 yr old 2-stroke: But it looks clean and would be a great place to start!!!This is my Yamaha RZ for sale. This is a Canadian Version. This is one of the legendary models that Yamaha built for the street use and if you are already looking at this posting, you may be knowing how valuable these bikes are. The bike is absolute fun to ride, not restored, not molested. I bought the bike 2 years back thinking that I will keep it forever as a collection. Now that I have bought a new house and moving in, I have a lot of financial priorities to take care of and I find no other way than letting this bike go.

I myself is a picky person when it comes to things I buy and this bike is really worth it. The RZ is one of its kind that really needs to be known. When I bought the bike it was all original untouched in any way. A complete engine rebuild was done by the famous 2 stroke specialist Rick Lance very well known for Lance Gamma in Octoberlittle over a year ago. No expenses were spared. All the engine seals and gaskets were replaced. New first oversize pistons were installed.

All genuine Yamaha parts were used for the rebuild.

85 rz500

Anything and Everything related to the engine was taken care of. The water pump, oil pump, YPVS etc. It is using stock carburetors and exhausts. I did the break-in run and was carefully done.

85 rz500

The bike has run only Kms after the engine rebuild. All fluids were replaced at the time of engine rebuild. However I replaced the engine fluids again and topped up the 2t oil two weeks back because I did the break-in run and thought it would be nice to. The bike starts usually in one or two kicks and settles to a nice idle and runs real smooth through all the gears.

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