Ghana shea butter suppliers

There is no dozens discount on cases of soap. Unrefined Shea butter does not spoil, but it does lose some of its healing properties after 18 months. Shea butter has been whipped to a very soft and creamy texture that is easier to apply.

Shea Butter is superior to other butters because it contains a rich amount of fatty acid. This fatty acid is crucial for optimum moisture in the skin. Shea butter also provides all essential vitamins that help make skin look and feel smoother, softer, more vibrant. It nourishes and protects against harsh weather and sun. It heals wounds and repairs damaged skin by stimulating cellular activity. Also perfect for conditioning the hair!

ghana shea butter suppliers

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ghana shea butter suppliers

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Oils 4 oz. Oils 8 oz. Oils 1 lb. Oils 4 Lb Oils Essential Oils. Back Lotions, Butters, Oils and Salts. Shea Butter. View as Grid List. Display 12 24 36 48 60 72 12 24 36 48 60 72 per page. Raw Shea Butter Soap - 5 oz. Renew your skin Discover new luminous skin with this raw shea butter soap.

Raw Shea butter moisturizes, while aloe heals and vitamin E strengthens your skin. Don't wait one day to experience the skin you've always dreamed of! Simply unpack the box and put on the shelves.Thank you for your understanding. Isivuno is a Xhosa word for "harvest". We celebrate Africa, our continent's rich harvest of pure, quality ingredients.

ghana shea butter suppliers

We believe every good skincare product starts with real, pure, and trustworthy ingredients. As South Africa's premium bulk suppliers of raw, unrefined shea butter, our aim is to delivery the best quality products, at the best value. Shea butter has been trusted for centuries for use in skincare. It is highly acclaimed for its moinsturising and healing properties.

We import shea butter and african black soap in tons, directly from Ghana. Bulk and wholesale quantities are available for purchase. You can be a reseller of our products. We do this by buying our raw ingredients from the source as much as possible; by partnering with upliftment projects, even if it means paying a bit more; by supporting projects and organisations which empower local communities in general.

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I use this Shea butter in my soaps, body butters and lip balms and its amazing. Has a raw nutty, smoky natural smell from being pure and unrefined. An absolutely fantastic product that can be used as is all over the body. This is truly the best shea butter I have used, and I have used a lot.

I use it straight after the shower on my body, it protects me from dry skin. Twice a month I use it on my daughter and I's hair and I can say it has trully changed our liifestyle. My daughter is now planning to make her own body products and sell them to school friends using the shea butter. Do not expect a product with no scent or smell Love this Shea Butter.

Shea Butter Exporters, Suppliers & Manufacturers in Ghana

Using it as a moisturiser for my little boy and it's great! And I love the fact that I am supporting women support their families. Best value for money, I have given some to my family as it is a lot and I use it fore hair, body and face.

This shea butter is amazing! It is the most affordable shea butter in the market place, and has such amazing benefits. It's real! Been searching for ages for a raw bulk shea butter!In business, a contact made today can open up opportunities for you in a year or two. It was great to learn about the support network that the Global Shea Alliance could offer, in terms of logistics, and advice for exports to various international markets.

A collaboration based on quality shea kernels is a win-win partnership between suppliers and women collectors. With low levels of acidity, women collectors can earn more, while manufacturers obtain better quality shea butter. To be the premier platform to satisfy the strategic interests and practical needs of its members, shea stakeholders - large and small - worldwide. To design, develop, and deliver strategies that drive a competitive and sustainable shea industry worldwide and to improve the livelihoods of rural African women and their communities.

Sustainability Program The cumulative results of GSAs sustainability activities since the program launched in Learn More.

shea butter, Ghana

Quality Standards The overall purpose is to develop best practices, training materials, and technical standards. Download our latest Annual Report.

Sign Up for our Newsletter. Upcoming Events. List of Events No upcoming events.West Africa pure natural shea butter Beurre de karite. Presently the market is controled by some Western companies without more profit for villages. That's why we profide some shea butter African exporters contacts.

Airway and sea deliveries through owner registered company. Mawuena L. Deliveries by airway minimum 25kg and by sea freight minimum kg. Monthly production capacity over 50MT.

Deliveries starting 25kg. Packing according customers choice. All year long airway deliveries starting 25kg. Also exporter of traditional African black soap See.

Deliveries in 0. Deliveries to Europe starting g. Mr Kwaku Osei Sarfo p. Important notice: all African shea nuts are from willd trees and nobody in Africa would use chemicals or fertilizers for 2 reasons: no use and it's too expansive. Same to process the shea nuts almonds. To ask for an organic certifcation is to knock out of the market all the villages women associations which cannot afford to pay the Western certification companies.

Furthermore anybody who knows how Africa runs can see an organic certification is mostly a marketing argument.

West Africa shea butter producers and exporters are welcome to send their offers and contact to to be added for free in this directory. The above contacts are for information purpose only and Africa-Shea-Butter.

Raw Pure Ghana Shea butter and Black Soap - AMIFULLEST

To purchase for personal use only from 0,5 to 1kg West Africa pure natural village shea butter sent by registered postal parcel from Abidjan contact Lionel to. For Africa trade searching visit Africa-Trade ci.

Wholesale only. West Africa shea butter producers and exporters are welcome to send their offers and contact to to be added for free in this directory The above contacts are for information purpose only and Africa-Shea-Butter.Safari Junkie teamed up with Katja, who is cooperating with local shea cooperative in Ghana and founded her business based on fair trade in Slovenia and Ghana. Get to know more below. It is a newly launched cooperative that is based on fair production and trade.

It strives for making organic and high-quality raw shea butter as well as for partially economic independence of female producers. The main advantage is personal contact and direct collaboration with women with no middle men, which ensures higher fair payment for women, manufacturing and quality traceability and transparent working conditions.

Besides organic certified, high quality and luxury retail of shea butter, we are also suppliers of wholesale shea butter directly from Ghana or, if in smaller quantities, we can ship it from Europe to reduce the shipping costs for shea buyers. Living within a rural community for months gave her the opportunity to integrate with locals, mostly women and kids.

Meanwhile doing a research, Katja got to know all about the shea butter, since processing and selling shea butter is the main and only income for most of women in rural Northern Ghana region. After spending so much time with women, they started to trust her and took an initiative to collaborate with her in shea butter export.

By keeping it small, we can build more trust among each other, control the quality better and prevent it from becoming an industry-like production. Shea butter is pure, raw and unrefined with no chemicals or additives. You can buy bulk shea butter from Ghana in different types: ivory and yellow. Both types of shea butter have specific scent which means that our shea butter is unrefined and no chemical process was done afterwards.

Without a Class A rating, shea butter will not have the full complement of healing benefits that manufacturers are interested in purchasing. European clients based in Europe can order smaller minimum order which is 50 kilos.

Estimated production time of unrefined wholesale shea butter depends on the quantity, but should not be longer than 1 month for large quantities of unrefined shea butter orders. Applicable for orders above one metric ton!Ghana Services shea butter.

Looking companies by tag shea butter in Ghana? Find in our directory the list of companies by tag shea butter in Ghana. We are expert in the provision of the following professional services; Trading 3. Shea Butter and Black Soap -quality P. Box TLTamale, Tamale.

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We manufacture pure and quality shea butter and black soap at an affordable price. The best shea butter and black soap produced in Ghana.

And we distribute to the rest of the world. You will enjoy out Verified Phone E-mail Photos 1. AdinCraft Exports Enterprise P. AdinCraft Exports Enterprise is a business Enterprise that produces quality Shea butter, African Black Soap and beautiful traditional handicrafts like Bolga baskets of all types and sizes, Smocks of a Nohemi Naturals was founded to provide safe, effective, natural skincare products. Our product ranges include Vortex Africa P. Vortex Africa is one of the world's independent trading and business promotion houses.

We match businesses to on-demand ventures in various industries and supply carefully selected merchandises to bus We produce organic and natural oils and at an affordable price. Production is done in the Upper East r Natural Treats Industries is a cosmetics manufacturing company that produces cosmetics with natural oils and butter base. We have cosmetic products that include Pure Organic Unfragranced Shea butter, Savannah Gold Adenta, Accra. All of our product come from the Northern Savannah Regions of Ghana.

Verified Phone E-mail Map Website.

Wholesale Unrefined Shea Butter from Ghana

Shea Natura Batsonaa, Spintex, Accra. We produce and supply raw unrefined shea butter at competitive prices. As well as vegetables and other fresh agricultural produce. All produce are tested and delivered along with lab analysis results Splashcom Ventures P. BoxDarkuman-Accra. We are into the sale of shea butter and African black soap, we also source and ship products from China to clients in Ghana.

Additionally, we do printing on T-shirts,lacoste, mugs, hankerchiefs, towel Verified Phone E-mail Products 1. Jabez Trading Enterprise Tema, Tema. Verified Phone E-mail. Didn't find what you were looking for? Tell us what is missing. Show Map.We supply the highest possible quality of shea butter at the most competitive price to local and international customers.

We pride our success on integrity, quality, and relationships.

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Looking for shea butter to buy? We've got you covered!

ghana shea butter suppliers

We are the leading supplier of all kinds of shea butter in Ghana and across Africa. Want bulk…. Shea butter may be refined or unrefined. Unrefined shea butter is the purest form of shea butter, which is the most natural and the least processed. Since it is extracted manually, it is able to retain its vitamins, minerals, and. Incorporating shea butter into your regular skin care routine will work wonders. Check out here.

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Moisturizes Dry Skin Shea butter is an excellent moisturizer for the face and the body. Its fat content is responsible for its emollient and. Shea butter is often used in moisturizers, creams, lotions, and other emulsions for the skin and hair. It is rich in fats that make it an excellent emollient and skin moisturizing agent. Experiments also showed it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Skip to content. Welcome to Ghana Shea Butter Hub We supply the highest possible quality of shea butter at the most competitive price to local and international customers.

Want bulk… Learn more. Refined vs. Unrefined Shea Butter January 10, January 15, admin. Since it is extracted manually, it is able to retain its vitamins, minerals, and continue reading. Its fat content is responsible for its emollient and continue reading. Experiments also showed it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant continue reading.


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