Project report for stationery shop pdf

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Camille cabanero. It is important to note that some stationery stores and office supply business may also sell a combination of new computers, office equipment, furniture and supplies.

IBISWorld estimates that in This high share of smaller firms within the industry indicates that capital costs of establishing a retail outlet are not substantial relative to other retail industries.

Furthermore, there are no licensing requirements to enter the industry and as such, the Office Supply Stores industry has limited barriers to entry. However, industry competition and market awareness, while not regarded as formal barriers to entry, can pose a threat to new potential entrants.

Currently, the top two players Office Depot, Staples are estimated to account for about Research shows the concentration level for the office supply stores industry has wavered over the last 5 years resulting to some businesses in the industry closing shop or creating additional source of income alongside running a stationery store and office supply business.

As the revenue generated in the book industry continues to nosedive over the last 5 years, many small businesses in the industry struggled to remain profitable, and eventually had to consolidate or exit the industry all together. Larger businesses have also struggled to stay in business, as revealed by the Borders bankruptcy.

The office supply stores industry is indeed a very large industry and pretty much thriving in all parts of the world. It is important to state that the industry experienced a — 7. Office Depot and Staples have the lion share in the USA market, but no single operator has control over the pricing trend, advertising trend, distribution model or customer loyalty et al in the industry.

Over the years, stationery stores and office supply businesses are active in all cities in the United States of America. In response to the ever-growing demand for items sold in stationery stores, players in the industry are now opening additional stores thereby creating chains of stores across different cities. They are always ready to be expanded into new markets and of course adapt to the changing trend in consumer tastes and increase sales.

project report for stationery shop pdf

We conducted our feasibility studies and market survey and we came to the conclusion that Phoenix — Arizona is the right location for us to launch our stationery shop and office supply business. We are in the stationery store and office supply business to make profits and at the same to give our customers value for their money.

We want to give people who patronize our stationery store and office supply business the opportunity to choose from a wide range of office supplies and stationery. We will engage in retailing office supplies, stationery, books including e-booksnewspapers, magazines and other periodicals and we will also trade books, religious goods including bookstextbooks and other merchandise.To browse Academia. Skip to main content.

Log In Sign Up. Project report on Kirana store. Ashish Dalvi. To study business plan of grocery shop 3. To understanding what is requirement of the customer and his needs 5.

On the basis of understanding his requirement we provide the variety of products and service 6. To approach grocery shop for selling fresh products like vegetables and fruits 7. To understand Competitive analysis of the market 9.

project report for stationery shop pdf

Research on Market segmentation Customer oriented Find new customers To study how we get more value from existing costumers Market promotion: - 1. Collateral materials 2. Advertising media like Digital media 3. Marketing message Methodology: 1. Conduct market survey research Target a sample 2. Apply some experiments for marketing 3. Participants observation 4. Interview face to face interaction 5. Collection of data by preparing questionnaire for grocery shopkeeper Open- ended questions or close-ended question 6.

Related Papers. By Anuja Shukla.Stationary Store Management is a software application that is designed for the stores that deals in stationeries and other such shops.

This system further helps in the maintenance and billing of stocks. This system is designed to meet the needs and give exact guidelines for the process of development of the project that is discussed above.

Specifically it provides guidelines on how to design the above mentioned project. This document can also act as a guide for those who wants to develop this software. For a variety of outlets which includes retailers and wholesalers this software can be used. This software will make the process manually and also helps to maintain the records that are related to this subject including the handling of cash flows and stocks.

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Maintain the account details and sales record is the main aim of this project. It also keeps attacking of the cash transactions. In order to improve the work efficiency like that of tracking the sales and other related issues some some more advanced system is required.

The new proposed system help people in several ways like it help them in processing the billing easily. Maintaining the accounts will also become easier.

It can help to keep a track of the sale and the details of the accounts. The software comes with the master entries that enable to enter new products or customer entry to modify, delete and add. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. Thank you. Previous 1 2 3. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Table of contents Part 1 Finding Problem s.

S Part 11 Deciding the Project objective s. Unit 1 Current business analysis Sunshine stationery shop, it is a new business project exists in Ruawen Road, where there are several schools, including one primary school, one middle school and a vocational school. It is the only stationery shop 'in this street. It mainly carries ball pens, pens, pencils, pencil-boxes, erasers, notebooks, backpacks and other kinds of stationery for different ages of the students.

The main business of the Sunshine stationery shop is going to sell stationery covering all kinds of pens, pencils, ball pens, rulers, pencil-boxes, notebooks, envelops, etc. It also carries things for albums and letter papers, sharpeners. It usually has a stock of 18, stationery which increases when. The different ball pens with colorful designs and advanced functions, various size of the notebooks, all kinds of smell of erasers always enjoy a high rate.

The primary school pupils, who are a some percentage of the amount. They need more pencils, rulers, erasers, and exercise books than other groups of customers.

Also they need white paper a lot because of their age stage. According to their age character Middle school students, who are the main power of selling account. The number of the middle school students needs a lot of ball pens, notebooks, and cute pencil-cases, etc. They are keen on beautiful and fashionable covers of the notebooks.

These smart things will attract students greatly. Meanwhile, they have more pocket money than pupils. Vocational school students, who carry heavier burden of studying than middle school students. That means they need more ball pens, pens and notebooks. With the increase of the age, they would like to use individual things which can show their individuality greatly.

Non-student customers Include: School teachers, who also need to buy some useful and helpful stationery for their teaching, such as red ball pens, rulers, red ink and medals.

Residents living near to the street also need to consume stationery. Clerks in some corporations of this street. Some passerby. What do you want to buy most? How often do you visit the stationery shop? What most often disappoints you when you come to the shop? What do you think of the price s the stationery shop offers?

Do you think the shop assistants are helpful? What do you think of the business hours at present? What do you do when you can't find the thing you are looking for? Do you usually find the stationery you need? What kinds of stationery are not available now, but which you or your friends would like to buy? What additional services would you like to see?Stationery has historically meant a wide gamut of materials: paper and office supplies, writing implements, greeting cards, glue, pencil case etc.

With the opening up of the economy, the top, and not only premium products, entered the market while high priced ones are being sold in small, unassuming way-side stores.

One thinks of any global brand and it is here. The market is segmented broadly into products required by a young students many of whom depend only on pencils and ball point pensb frequent users in offices, commercial and public establishmentsc occasional users like housewives and literate manual workers.

While India's literacy rate is low, all literates do not use ball or fountain pens, if at all, only occasionally.

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Obviously, the per person usage is limited mainly to a and b segments. The usage norms differ from function to function; even as it does from one person to another and certainly from one segment to another. Thank you Your Enquiry has been sent successfully.

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Project report for Provision-Grocery shop

Detailed business plan on Stationary market in India. Uploaded by Anurag kumar. Document Information click to expand document information Description: The article discuss about A to Z of stationary business plan like machinary requirement, financing, plant location,raw material, marketing, distribution strategy. Date uploaded Dec 23, Did you find this document useful? Is this content inappropriate? Report this Document.

Description: The article discuss about A to Z of stationary business plan like machinary requirement, financing, plant location,raw material, marketing, distribution strategy.

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Stationery Checklist For Your Small Or Home Office

Proposal of making a webpage for a stationery shop. Synopsis on distribution strategies of Hindustan Pencils ltd in Nagpur. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Related Interests Business.

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Mohammad Ruhul. Umesh Hukare. Trever Szymanski. Utsav Upadhyay. Rajesh Shah. Sai Prasad Muttoju.

project report for stationery shop pdf

Praveen Pandey. Paramveer Singh. Kripa Raj Devkishin. Swaroop Ranjan Baghar. Tony Jacob. Ishaan Gupta. Project Report on classmate notebook by Hari Babu. Naresh Chaudhary. More From Anurag kumar.The grocery business in India is distinctive in many ways, primarily due to the diversity of consumers and the unique distribution models of the retail sector. From mom and pop stores to giant supermarkets to online grocery stores, the grocery business in India operates across channels.

However, most of India's grocery business happens through the unorganized sector, which mainly comprises of small stores, also known as kiranas. These stores have a personal connection with their customers and are well versed in customer preferences, which in turn enables them to stock locally relevant products. Globally, India is the sixth-largest grocery market and has a humongous potential for growth due to the rising population as well as disposable incomes.

Many retail players have tried tapping into this potential without substantial results. Even as retail giants battle against each other to become the consumer's habit when it comes to buying grocery, the small stores have held their ground. Grocery is the mother of all categories with its inherent characteristics of high frequency, repeat rates, ability to launch own brands high margin and sheer size of the sector. Now a days the presenceof online grocery shops are a challenge.

However, the humble kirana store or the neighbourhood grocery store has proved extremely durable and digital-resistant. These stores have not only survived the supermarket or large format retail chains then, and e-commerce now, they are also thriving. A couple of factors keep them evergreen and relevant.

One is the ease of access. Two, is their ability to sell the most locally relevant assortment of goods for their customer base. It not just the variety of local produce they sell.

The kirana shops usually provide free delivery in less than an hour with a handy credit facility for regular customers.

And despite the storied expansion of organised, modern retail and the arrival of e-commerce, kirana stores are the lifeblood of Indian consumption with a 96 per cent share of the grocery retail business.

The intimate knowledge of the local consumer community helps them to better utilise the limited store space and turnover goods smartly. They stock only what they need while using the wholesaler as a warehouse. Our products employ expert systems and artificial intelligence technology to create a Knowledge Base of Business Experts. The software products based upon this Knowledge Base provide an evaluation of business conditions and advise the users about situations in their specific business.

Project report for Provision-Grocery shop. Now you can edit this report and make it your own in few simple steps.

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