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He is a long time fan and now living the dream - sharing theories and explanations about the universes I love with the world. He's a subfury that bows to Supreme Leader Mishka his cat and he thinks that if you have the means to help others, you should.

In addition to his main channel he also has a vlog channel called TwotheFuture. His most popular series is one on Worldbuilding, but he also talks about lots of other aspects of writing stories and even does theory videos on occasion. The most prolific and popular series on Tim's channel is one where he discusses in depth, the ins and outs of worldbuilding in fantasy fiction, often using stories with fantastic worldbulding like A Game of Thrones and Avatar the Last Airbender as prime examples.

So I make plenty of videos discussing the lore and mysteries behind each of these worlds too.

xisumavoid patreon

If you like what I do, it would mean the world for you to support me for just a couple of dollars per month. It's hard to know what I will earn from month to month, and Patreon gives me something of a reliable income that helps me:.

I've done videos on how to write soft and hard magic systems, the story of King Arthur and Excalibur, how Amon took bending away, and the origins of Tolkien's infamous dragon, Smaug. Which videos shall I do next?


Well, Patreon will certainly help me decide that. It really does mean the world when you love this stuff as much as I do. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :.Skip navigation. Select a membership level. You have my sincerest thanks! Any amount is greatly appreciated. I'm thankful that you could help make my dreams continue to be a reality!

You also get access to patron-only posts! Access to patron-only posts and you get to be a part of my private Discord server! Come and be a part of my brand new Minecraft series and server Java edition!

I'll be creating and uploading videos from this very server and you can be a part of them! Not only as someone on the server, but depending on mic quality and maturity level, we can even collaborate! You'll also be invited to Patreon group events like UHC, dragon killing, minigames, etc! In addition to the vanilla server, you will also have access to a brand new modded server! Show more. With the changing YouTube landscape, I now need your Patreon support to ensure that I can continue to follow my dreams for years to come.

With your help, I can further develop my skills as a creator, as well as take on new and exciting projects! As a means to repay you, I have decided to inject my channel with something that I sorely miss from my early YouTube days The reward tiers are aimed at bringing everyone who supports me together.

Whether that be playing on the same server and being a part of my YouTube series' or just hanging out in the Discord channel with me. I want to re-connect with those of you who still support my goals and ambitions. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope I that we can play some games together really soon! Reaching this goal allows me the freedom to explore producing my very own podcast on a weekly basis!

Become a patron to 5. Recent posts by VintageBeef. How it works. Choose a membership. Add a payment method. Patreon logo. What is Patreon?Episode Nine You know what I just thought about. The profits would have been insane! Xisuma: If you noticed that This place is feeling a bit more finished up, he says as he shows us darkness.

I just wanna say, I am dealing with a los of a loved one because of the virus and you, Xisumavoid, have brought genuine joy to me during these times. I am constantly learning more about this game and how it works. Thank you times over for your dedication to your fans and this game. Okay, back to the memes.

xisumavoid patreon

I love how X always uses jukebox music in the background of his time lapses. They are amazing and so underrated! Bruh he literally used so much redstone to make that shop and grian is just sitting there with barrels.

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Share this page close. Download video Download mp3. X : I know how many hours this took Keralis' 4 year old : Yeah I know too. Is it just me or does the tower look like doofenschmirtz's base.

Xisuma: builds the tower people who saw his live stream: I've seen this one before. No one: Grian: my shop is currently empty.

Xisuma looks at full tower "Doofensmerts evil incorporated".Join the Hall of Patrons on the latest Hermitcraft Server aswell as access to Behind the Scenes Screenshots and info from projects i'm currently working on!

Want to grow your own Youtube Channel? Looking for some pointers on how to do so? Then this is the perk for you! We will be holding monthly group chats where we cover everyone's channels and discuss each one individually.

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Select a membership level. Show more. My name is Falsesymmetry and I have been making a variety of online gaming videos since By becoming a Patron, your monthly pledge will go directly towards allowing me to continue improving my content and continue to do this full time. You would be giving me complete creative freedom to bring new projects to life! NOTE: Pledges go through at the beginning of each month.

You should receive a message anywhere from the 1st to the 5th depending on when all pledges go through - if you don't recieve one by the 5th, please get in touch. FalseSymmetry Merchandise will be launched!

xisumavoid patreon

Become a patron to Recent posts by Falsesymmetry. How it works. Choose a membership. Add a payment method. Patreon logo. What is Patreon? Can I cancel my pledge any time? Learn More.If you are interested in supporting me, my creations and video content through monetary contributions there are several ways to do so here, but first id like to make it clear what the money is used for and who i'm accepting donations from.

If you want to support me on a monthly basis you can do so through my patreon campaign.

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There are several tiers of rewards all listed in detail on my patreon page found here. Perks include:. There are two ways to donate, you can use Twitch Alerts. These donations will be acknowledged and thanked during a livestream.

If you wish to remain anonymous with your donation use this link to donate directly to my paypal. Subscribing to my twitch account will provide you with perks and privileges in the chat as well as removing advertisements from the stream.

Click here for more information. Support Me! Donations will only be accepted from persons aged 18 and above. This is due to my concerns that younger impressionable members of my audience may not fully understand the value of their money or where its going. I expressed these feelings in a video you can find here. All donations will be put towards hardware, recording equipment and games for improving content creation.

On this page you can find information on what upgrades i'm looking into, how it affects content creation and my steam wishlist of games.

Stream Donation. Perks include: Commision free cheaper T-Shirts - store Access to all live stream servers, including the Xisuminati Modded server.Minecraft 1.


New Blocks! Blackstone, new nether blocks and quartz bricks! This snapshot is loaded with new content. They should a version to the black stone bricks thats like mossy stone bricks but with warped or crimson vines. Seems like Mojang is trying to make the Nether a livable place: Stone, Ores, wood, new mobs, biomes, making Nether variants of everything!

The Basalt Deltas. Look at "The Giants Causeway" in Ireland. Mojang: One Nether isn't enough, lets add a whole new Nether for every biome in the game. There are the other biomes such as the crimson and warped forests that are filled to the brim with life, with the basalt deltas and soul sand valley adding the other types of biomes: the dead and lifeless ones. But the new basalt music in Xisuma's other video shows the souls and spirits living within the Dead biomes.

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No, you said it wrong. It goes like this: "It is Wednesday my dudes. After a long time of getting shitty updates before 1.

Maybe a rework of the end? Xisuma: In this snapshot, it feels like Mojang are adding everything! Snapshot 20w14infinity: Am I a joke to you? Share this page close. Download video Download mp3. Want to hear the new music?Where is the shulker-box vanilla tweaks part, i've wanted to use it for a while but could never find it. The new biome looks like a cross between a nether update and a cave one. Mojang know what there doing. I have a recommendation for your iron golem farm, at the storage area, try to automatically seperate the iron from the flowers, and turn those flowers automatically into bonemeal.

I love how your towers see to grow out of the jungle. Honestly a little overgrowth just makes them feel like they have been part of the landscape for a while.

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It's really hard to beat back jungle after all. I know I'm a bit late but guilded Blackstone works like gravel. That is why it sometimes drops as its block form without fortune and as gold nuggets with fortune. X: expanding the concrete powder storage is required. Me after Scicraft: shulker box unloaded is required.

Hermitcraft 7 - Ep 015: NEW BUSINESS VENTURE!

I think there should be a really small rare frozen biome in the nether. If you found one you'd get the achievement "hell froze over". How did you find those slime chunks? I tried using the online tool and none of them spawned slimes. The shop part of the rocks seems hard to find, it's doesn't welcome you in front, but you have to locate the sides, and there's no "in your face" feature to make it stand out.

But well if they need it, they'll find it I guess. The build is really cool though, the dimly lit atmosphere really sets it in! The new music is poorly implimented, Minecraft has always been praised for the way its music is entirely random, independent of the gameplay, which had a really cool effect.

Awesome episode! Congratulations on episodes! Also mega hyped for episode ! I still feel like this is a special, epic episode, it was jam packed!

Love the time lapses and the music for them!


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